What is golf?

Golf is one of the most sophisticated sports in the entire world. It is extremely elegant, and requires subtle talent that can take years and years to build up to perfection. There are a lot of people who think it is an incredibly easy game- after all, you just walk a lot, while hitting a small ball into holes in the ground, right? How hard could it be? It is actually quite hard. A lot of people do not manage to acquire all the skills required to be good at golf!

Golf is one of the very few ball and bat based games that do not have a fixed arena or field where the game has to be played. Golf is always played on a course, yes, and typically, each course has 18 holes. But this is not always the case- some fairways (which is what the field is called) only have 9 holes. The length between the hole and the teeing green (the place from where one hits the ball) varies between courses. In order to increase or decrease the difficulty of the game, the type of grass, the length of turf, the distance between the teeing green and holes, etc. can be varied. Some fairways also have lakes and sand dunes in the centre, to increase the kind of challenge faced by the players.

In order to play golf, a golfer would need to have a set of clubs (14 clubs). These clubs vary in weight, length and sizes. Once you get the bag, and the clubs and golf balls, you will be ready to start! Golf is enjoyed by a number of amateur players, for it remains exciting at that level too!